Media Partner is the international portal for worldwide Medicine Industry. This portal is an active business-to-business website for all Medicine Suppliers and their products like Medicines. We bring companies worldwide together and give them opportunities to increase their international business.
Media Partner
With a wide database of conferences around the world, allows you to search for international conferences and add your own events. Our service is intended to inform the community of relevant events and assist organizers, providing convenience for both interested participants and the people and organizations behind the events. Our directory features a unique search allowing you to easily find conferences and events in any category or location, with detailed information including description, dates, map, prices, link to the official website, and more.
The Foundation For The Development of Africa
Media Partner
The Foundation for the Development of Africa (FDA) (NPC) is a non-membership, private, (NPC) Not-for-profit company actively involved with initiating and facilitating business and other processes conducive to sustainable development in Africa - with the emphasis on sustainability! The FDA, since 1999, have been linking businesses; promoting business and investment opportunities; showcasing special projects, conferences and events; stimulating joint venture initiatives and motivating support for local trading. Their vision and trademark phrase proclaims: "Less Aid - Let's Trade"! Currently they are focused on three projects aimed at the stimulation of trade throughout the African Continent as well as at local, grass-root level. FDA claims that local trading will ultimately lead to job creation, thus wealth creation. The three projects are aptly named: How can I Support Africa? - Products and Services Serving Africa - Upcoming Events Serving Africa -
Media Partner brings you medical and health-related information that is expertly written by dedicated, passionate team of medical journalists in a way that is easy to understand but is still accurate, enabling you to make informed decisions about your health and wellness. The site also features the latest medical and healthcare news and innovations, with professional insights that help you to stay up-to-date on the latest developments while separating the facts from fiction.
Cancer Metastasis
Media Partner
The program follows the journey of cancer metastasis from detection at the molecular level to genomic identification to precision treatment and survival.
Media Partner
Longevity is a multi-media content platform based on authenticated health, wellness and positive aging therapies from all over the world. Helping you live better, live smarter, happier and for longer. Longevity is available in a high quality printed magazine and digital format and online at The company also hosts regular health, wellness events and retreats.
Media Partner
eHealthNews is a source of news, comment and features about healthcare IT in South Africa with the objective of bringing the South African eHealth community together. Our ambition is to provide a one-stop portal for industry insiders (and those who want to engage with eHealth in South Africa) to find relevant information on suppliers, policy and current events.

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