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Addi Lang
Addi Lang
Founder of Forever Changed Campaign
Forever Changed
South Africa

Addi Lang is the Founder of the FOREVER CHANGED campaign in South Africa. FOREVER CHANGED is a campaign focused on cancer prevention, early detection, patient rights, doctor-patient negligence and messages of hope to all women. Addi spreads the hard reality of a cancer diagnosis and how it fundamentally changes a woman’s life forever. However, Addi emphasizes that, “how you cope with this change is defined by how you approach it. Change is always a challenge, but it can also positively transform your life. Take responsibility for your health and own it! “ FOREVER CHANGED is represented by the butterfly to reflect the change and transformation that happen when any woman is touched by cancer. Life is never the same again once diagnosed. Addi has also defined herself and others fighting the disease as warriors – people who have a battle to fight but are courageous and capable. The FOREVER CHANGED initiative helps enable women to have the courage to fight this disease, feeling armed with all the information and knowledge they need, whilst still having hope. The MEDIA STATEMENT ISSUED BY ICECURE MEDICAL LTD, 12th July, 2018 stated, “On behalf of IceCure Medical Ltd, we applaud Forever Changed for their dedicated approach to ensure that breakthrough cancer technology and treatments become known not only in South Africa, but the African Continent, and because the campaign empowers through first-hand experiences and fact-driven education”. The FOREVER CHANGED initiative also embraces music as a way of coming together to raise awareness and show support. FOREVER CHANGED hopes to inspire women to find the courage they need to do the same, for themselves and for each other. More about Forever Campaign and Addi Lang:

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