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Dr. Raghu Pandurangi
Dr. Raghu Pandurangi
Sci-Engi-Medco Solutions

Dr. Raghu Pandurangi started his scientific career Ph.D. in spectroscopy followed by post-doctoral training at Radiology and Internal medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia where he remained as a faculty researching on radiopharmaceuticals of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. His patent/grant on Angiotensin II imaging for the prediction of heart failure project fetched him principle investigator position in Shering AG, Germany where he directed drug development program involving in 2 FDA approved drugs (AccuTect and NeoTect). He was a team leader at Mallinckrodt directing apoptosis imaging in 2004. He became an entrepreneur in 2013 inventing AAAPT technology for improving FDA approved drugs. Currently, he is the Founder, President and CSO of Sci-Engi-Medco Solutions (SEMCO) and Amplexi-LLC, recipient of several NIH grants and awards. His extra curriculum activities include VP duties for non-profit organization Anu-Rag School of. He is also percussionist playing Indian drums (Tabla) for his school passionating Music therapy for palliation of pain in post chemotherapy patients.

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